March 22, 2021

Grey area drinking and alcohol reset coaching with Annabel Stewart l DSS20

Grey area drinking and alcohol reset coaching with Annabel Stewart l DSS20

For Annabel Stewart, changing our relationship with alcohol is one big adventure. Annabel is an Australia-based alcohol reset coach who caters to “women who adventure.” Her mantra of sobriety is one that many of us need to hear -- that not drinking isn’t going to make your life boring. It will actually make it more fun. 

In this episode of Desperately Seeking Self, Brooke is talking with Annabel about her online course, her unique approach to sobriety coaching, and her own story of grey-area drinking. As an alcohol recovery coach, Annabel is also knowledgeable about the physiological and psychological reasons we drink -- and she dives deep into that subject, so we can better understand why we are craving that glass of wine at 5 o’clock. 

Listen in to hear some of Annabel’s actionable tips for the sober curious, and to re-examine what it means to be sober - it might be different than you think.  


  • “Sobriety delivers what alcohol promises.”
  • “I like the analogy of thinking about being alcohol as it's like rehearsing for a play. You are up there on your own and you rehearse. And there’s a little while where you are up there and you are trying it and you are going further each time. And there’s people that can help you, and direct you, but you’ve still gotta do the work on your own. (21:21-21:40)


Bio: Annabel is an Aussie mum who used to live for wine o’clock, and hated herself for it.  She was trapped in the secret drinker’s cycle of guilt and shame for years, convinced she was broken inside.  She finally worked out how to get free from drinking and found that her life didn’t get smaller and greyer as she had been dreading, but rather exploded in happiness and balance and colour. When she confessed all on her social media, she was inundated with requests for help from other women in exactly the same boat.  Now she dedicates her time to helping Grey Area Drinkers change their relationship with alcohol and live their truest, most authentic lives.

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