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So Important!!

Melissa has a beautiful way of sharing practical ideas that gives hope, encouragement and empowerment so people to take control of their own health. Don’t let life & toxins take control of you. Learn how to take good care of yourself to avoid chronic illnesses.

Great Guidance, Topics and Interviews

I love this podcast! There’s such great information in Melissa’s interviews and a great variety of topics to help improve my health.

Such an important topic

I met Melissa at an event and was blown away by her journey and wealth of knowledge. I work with business owners and entrepreneurs and getting a handle on health is one of the most important things they can do to keep their income steady. It’s critical to break out of incorrect advertising dogma into real health & nutrition.

Amazing & informative full of practical tools podcast

If you’re looking to get started or to expand your knowledge in the area of Integrative, Holistic & Functional Medicine Health, look no further than this podcast. Melissa Deally is a Certified Integrative Health Practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that she’s so generously sharing on her podcast. Give a few episodes a listen & you’ll be hooked. Binge listen to all of the episodes Melissa release on her podcast to-date & the knowledge and the tools and the wisdom you’ll gain on how to improve your own health will be next-level!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The real deal!

As a recovery life and wellness practitioner I rarely find someone I feel is offering a true value for me the person, an individual being, with my very own unique needs. Just as I do for my clients seeking recovery Melissa truly offers the guidance you need to create the results you desire. Not a blanket agenda! I love that I can graciously offer her my life motto… this is my life too. It gets to look feel be however I want it to. I get to choose.

Invest in you and your child health

I am so thrilled to have met Melissa and am learning so much from her and all the extra information she shares on this podcast. Our kids and we as parents have so much to learn about how toxins, lack of sleep, hormones, allergies, etc effect our everyday behavior. I highly recommend Melissas services to parents and encourage any parent with a child who is struggling behaviorally or emotionally to learn about how their nutrition is contributing to their struggles. And parents, a healthy parent is a more confident parent, be sure to take care of YOU too! Investing in your families health will strengthen your relationships with your kids as well as save you time and money. Jaci Finneman No Problem Parenting

Such Helpful Tips to Improve Our Health!!

Love the passion shared in this podcast & such great tips also given!! Keep up the great work Melissa!! ❤️

Well done!

I enjoyed this very articulate and thoughtful discussion on how to balance the rollercoaster of good health.

Don’t Wait For Your WakeUp Call Podcast

I just listened to Melissa Deally’s “Don’t Wait For Your WakeUp Call” podcast. I give it a top rating! She is highly professional and does a great job at engaging the guest speaker to bring out the best of their story. I especially loved hearing the episode “She Was a Ghost of Herself,” as it carries such a profound message of hope & healing for the listeners. To empower others that true health and transformation is possible when we re-engage with our body’s innate capacity to heal — from the inside out. Shifting from being a “survivor” to a THRIVER.