Oct. 20, 2022

Will You Be Better For It?

Will You Be Better For It?

Wouldn't it be cool if we all had beauty bursting from our minds like the blooms of a flower?

Imagine if we had beautiful arrangements of thoughts, creativity, kindness and love brightening up the world around us with their vibrant color.

The good news is, this symbolically is within the realm of possibility, but it takes a conscious effort of awareness on our part when it comes to the food, knowledge, relationships or entertainment that we put in us, on us and around us..

Mind bursting beauty requires that we pay attention to what we’re putting into our body and what it is generating back out.

We have to ask ourselves…

  • Is this thing that I’m about to “consume” something that I want as a part of me?
  • Will it leave me calmer or agitated?
  • Will it make me more compassionate or stir up anger, and leave me feeling disconnected and depressed?

Will I be better for it?

Today on The Karen Kenney Show, we’re talking about reclaiming our power to choose what goes into our mind and our sphere of influence - just like we do with the food we nourish our bodies with.

Slowing down and making more conscious choices gives us the chance to play a proactive role in our own happiness and healing!

KK's Takeaways

  • Yoga Teacher Training (2:31)
  • What We Take In We Become (6:57)
  • Buddha’s Head (10:22)
  • I Am Picky (15:50)
  • Choose Any Veggie You Want (20:47)

Karen Kenney is known for her dynamic storytelling, sense of humor, and her no BS approach to Spirituality. She’s a sought-after speaker, podcast guest, spiritual teacher, and workshop presenter.

An entrepreneur for 20+years, Karen brings a down-to-earth and practical approach to spiritual concepts that can be powerfully applied in both people’s personal and professional lives. She’s a Certified Spiritual Mentor, Certified Hypnotist, writer, speaker, and the host of The Karen Kenney Show podcast, as well as the founder of the community: THE NEST.

Karen guides those she works with to create their own unique experience with spirituality and to not just “take her word for it”. In her 1:1 program THE QUEST, she brings together brain science, subconscious reprogramming, healing hypnosis, and spiritual mentorship to help her clients remove limiting blocks, rewrite old stories, rewire in new beliefs, and reimagine their lives!

KK supports her clients, community, and audiences to deepen their connection to themselves and the Divine in tangible, relatable, and actionable ways - by helping to transform Your Story To Your Glory! She leads by example and shows that you can do deep, life-changing, healing work while still laughing and having fun!

A student of A Course in Miracles for nearly three decades, a certified yoga teacher for 22+ years, and a longtime practitioner of Passage Meditation, Karen’s also a Certified Gateless Writing Instructor, and a transformational retreat leader.