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Watch this show for wisdom, hilarity, and practical advice

Karen is the real deal in spiritual mentorship. She tells great stories, is hilarious, and comes with a bonafide Boston accent. Listen to her podcast stat! Better yet, watch it for the full-blown KK effect!

Hold on to your seat

If you don’t want to change then make sure you don’t listen to these podcasts . These are game changers and if you allow and our willing you will go to new places . Thank you Karen.. Scott R

Engaging, Entertaining, and Enlightening!

The nuggets of wisdom in each episode are inspiring and thought-provoking. If you’re looking for a genuine, down-to-earth spiritual teacher that isn’t rooted in dogma, congratulations… you’re HOME! Thank you, KK, for being a blessing!

Landed in my heart

I love Karen! She lights my soul up! I feel myself shift as she invites my mind to think about things differently 🤍


Each episode speaks for me, to me, about me. The invitation to excavate and rise in so many ways profound! Keep talking KK! It’s wicked needed!

Hold on to your seat

If you don’t want to change then make sure you don’t listen to these podcasts . These are game changers and if you allow and our willing you will go to new places . Thank you Karen.. Scott R

She had me hooked at episode one!

I love her "down-to-earth-tell-it-like-it-is" flavor. She has had quite the journey and always has wonderful insights and life hacks as she tells her stories. Her passion and love for people is always evident as is her disdain for mean people. Yes! I'm looking forward to catching up completely. I'm almost there. What a gift she is! :)

Fascinating Conversation!

The conversation Karen has with Andre Dubus III, in Season 81is fascinating. It is clear that they are good friends and the authenticity of the conversation is palpable. Andre Dubus’ childhood growing up in the Merrimack Valley where I grew up too was fun to hear about. His struggles make him very relatable. As an aspiring author myself, I loved hearing about his writing rituals and it gave a unique and special view into the life of an author. Karen brings out the best in people. She always asks the thought provoking questions in a kind, empathetic delivery. You will love how Karen and Andre Dubus or ADIII, as she affectionately calls him, listen empathetically to each other’s stories. It was enjoyable to hear this podcast and time just flew.

Love the show!

I only discovered this show a couple of months ago but I’m slowly working my way through all of the episodes. It’s a wonderful podcast that has taught me so much. Positivity and love radiates from Karen Kenney. I feel so blessed to have found this podcast!

This podcast is truly wicked awesome!!!

The stories Karen Kenney shares are so authentically raw, inspiring & absolutely divine!! Definitely check out this incredible podcast!! 🙏❤️✨

How old are you episode

KK is hearty food for thought. I love listening to her voice, wit, and wisdom. Her keen sense of humor will always put a smile on my face even on the gloomiest of days. KK love is straight forward in a shoot from the hip kind of way- while using a Cupid’s arrow. All of her episodes help me dig deeper into myself so that I can bring the dark to light. ❤️

Good for the soul

This podcast is such a treat for my city girl heart !A big ration of tell it like it is honesty delivered with grace . Honesty without the BS for sure ! Karen’s ability to get straight to the heart of a topic through telling a story is a gift ! Her conversations with guests have such a lovely unscripted feel, just like she is talking to an old friend .

Every episode leaves you with something to chew on.

When you listen into Karen’s show you are giving yourself the gift of the chance to grow. We all are here for a purpose and her show gives you bits and pieces of love, kindness, laughter, and a great Mass accent( if your from New England you know what I’m talking about) as she talks about some soul shifting stuff! 💜💜💜

You won't be disappointed!

I learn something new each and every time I listen to Karen Kenney. She's a powerful blend of wisdom, personal experience, compassion, absolute joy and not to mention super funny. What you see is what you get. Inspires me to go deeper, look at my own crap and be of service to God and others.

10 Gallon People

Such a tall drink of water, like all your other episodes! I love how honest and real these are and they always cause me to stop and think about things in a new way or that I haven’t even considered before at all! Love this podcast and I am a huge fan of Karen Kenney!


KK tells it like it is & dives deeper into issues we probably recognize but don’t take action on. She delves into the tough issues and makes you truly think about whether or not you are living your life to your fullest potential!

Classic Conversations

KK thank you for your refreshing outspoken words on life, spiritual direction. I look forward to your podcast each week and the adventure my mind gets to go on...Magical!

Everyone needs a little KK

Every time I listen to Karen Kenney’s podcast, my heart beats a little stronger, my eyes see a little deeper, and my soul sings a little louder. Each episode is peppered with words and thoughts of wisdom. I highly recommend.

So much healing

KK is a real, modern day sage and healer! I was recently connected to her work a few weeks ago and have been listening to her everyday since! Her way with words is heavy hitting, she knows how to get the heart of the matter - but also fun, enlightening and healing. She is truly a master of her craft, shepherding us all to our highest selves. Thank you and loads of love to you KK!

The Real Deal

KK shares down to earth and thought-provoking stories that will help you live a more awakened life. Plus, she’s flipping hilarious! It’s a must listen!

This Podcast will change your life!

Karen is my spiritual mentor and does the real deep work with you if you are willing to roll up your sleeves and really dive in. This is one of my favorite podcasts because she speaks the truth in a direct but funny way. She is a remarkable human and I have a lot of respect for her because she has been through a lot and has done the work on herself and continues to!

Life changer , spirit guider, uplifter, soul translator!!

These would just be a few words to describe this remarkable human being. This podcast will transform your life as you live day to day. I know this to be true for myself!!

I love your vibe

Thank you for all that you do ❤️

Truth on Fire! 🔥🔥🔥

Karen knows how to drop wisdom like no other and will crack your heart open with so much love, humor, and truth. She is an incredible storyteller, and weaves these brilliant spiritual lessons into everyday experiences that will help you transform your life and invite in miracles. Wicked funny! Full of heart! Love her and this show!!!

Awesome Podcast

Love what your doing in the world, keep up the great work.

Fun, inspirational, practical, no BS!

Love love LOVE this podcast! Karen Kenney has changed my life and openned me up to stepping into much more greatness in my life. This podcast makes me feel better and more energized and connected everytime I hear Karen's fun voice that is also full of so much love and wisdom. Highly recommend!

I freakin love Karen Kenney

This is such a killer podcast. It’s authentic. It’s real. And it’s digestible. No shaming. Just freedom. I love it so much and suggest anyone looking to better understand themselves and their relationship with God tune in immediately.

The best!!

Karen Kenney is amazing! She is real, wise and wicked funny! Great to hear The Course of Miracles through her experience. Listen to this!!

Life Changing. permission to live in the fearless flow

I had the pleasure of meeting Karen in person last week at the IYS summit and was so moved and inspired by her presernce and message. I finally found a podcast that authentically blends a no b.s. message to this spritual journey. Thank God. She has given me persmission to live my truth as a spritual and divinely guided being and not to take things so seriosuly. It feels like freedom. Suffering is not our spiriutal teacher, we choose, we create, to become the ligt, to live in lifght and love. Our outward experience is the internral world that we live in, that we can choose our story to become our purpose and glory and not to allow the story to tell me. Thank you Karen. I love you, I see you, I appreciate you, I honor you! Living in teh fearless flow... its time. Thank you for the permission.

Speak to my soul!

Finally! I had the pleasure and life changing experience to find myself in a seminar two years ago with Karen. She knocked me off and out of the world I’ve been living in and into the work of waking up! I’ve been waiting for her to start a podcast! Such a great, honest, relatable, real deal voice.