Oct. 13, 2021

How to Set Boundaries and Avoid Burn Out: The True Story of Justine Sones | EDIT07-S3

How to Set Boundaries and Avoid Burn Out: The True Story of Justine Sones | EDIT07-S3

Depression, boundaries, mental health and self-care are just some of the BIG topics we talk about on this week’s powerful edit with Stress Management Coach, Justine Sones. Anna and Justine get real about their personal experience with depression and setting boundaries, as well as talk about some of the broader problems with the way society depletes us of our essential needs.   

Core topics discussed on this edit: 

> Depression

> Self Care Practises 

> Stress-management 

> Post-partum Depression 

> Past patterns 

> Shame + Fear 

> Taylor Swift + Chocolate Fondue Fountains

> Boundaries with family, friends and coworkers 

> Motherhood 

> Revolutions, social justice work, and the power of rest 

About the Guest: 

Justine Sones is a writer and stress management coach who loves drinking coffee, helping burnt-out humans set boundaries, and talking about things that hurt. During her career as a massage therapist, Justine’s practice was dedicated to exploring the roles that stress, pain, and relaxation play in healing the physical body. She came to realize that the support her clients needed required more than a massage, and made it her mission to help them. Justine now spends her time writing about feelings and coaching other over-functioning humans develop healthy boundaries and practice sustainable self-care as they navigate the messy intersections of partnering, parenting, -preneuring, and pandemicking. 

Learn more at www.justinesones.com and follow @justinesones on Twitter and Instagram 

About the Host: 

@unapologeticanna on FB and Instagram 


Anna was born with a deep fascination for letters - a fascination that deepened when she discovered those letters could turn into words, those words into sentences and those sentences into stories. Not surprisingly, Anna graduated from The University of Victoria, with a Degree in both English and Gender Studies, fuelling her eventual mission to put the power of words back into the hands of women.

Despite multiple other certifications along the way, including one with world-renowned author and personal transformation pioneer, Deepak Chopra, it was ultimately her personal battle with post-traumatic stress, depression and anxiety that became the catalyst for the work she does now, as she helps pave the way for others to live with vulnerability and courage whether they are online, offline or on stage. 

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