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Stop Butting yourself! Claim your gratitude!

My son said yesterday “you are only as happy as you choose to be,Mom.” A very old saying out of a young teen mouth. As Elaine said we can “yes but” ourselves right off the playing field! The Divine is her to dance with us not dunk our heads in the swimming pool. Thanks for the reminder that abundance starts and ends with gratitude!

Abundance Personified!

Elaine is a bright light of Divine energy and an inspiring guide to creating more abundance in every area of your life, as demonstrated in every show with every guest here.

Fantastic Podcast for Whole Body Living

I loved Denise's episdoe #44 such a powerful message and so needed right now!!

Elaine’s energy is so uplifting

Elaine Starling brings on the most interesting guests who give super practical, user-friendly tips. I LOVE this podcast! And in each episode I feel even MORE uplifted too!!

Energetic & Uplifting

I can feel the flow of abundant joy and positivity as I listen to Elaine's inspirational episodes! A must-listen show for anyone looking for guidance along your transformational journey.

Overflowing abundance!

Just listening to Elaine gives me an energy boost! Love her topics, her actionable prompts, and conversations. So excited to keep learning and growing along The Abundance Journey!

Elaine Starling Abundance Journey

Elaine always has such wonderful uplifting comments. Her podcast & TED talk are very inspiring. Very grateful for Elaine’s presence in my life.