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Great show!

Dan, host of the podcast, highlights all aspects of entrepreneurship, achieving your goals, and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Put Your Fear in Your Pocket and Go Forward

A lot of insight on life and how to go get what you desire no matter the circumstances. I Love Simona’s outlook for life, connection and always moving forward.

This Podcast is Proof Dreams Are Real!!

A must listen for all and especially entrepreneurs & visionaries because the inspirational but also at times very raw interviews of Dan’s guests all seem to have one major factor in common...they all seem to grow & also develop a profound level of gratefulness after going through difficult times & challenges which then opens the door (or doors) to living this truth of “Dreams are Real”...His guests one after another are proof that as long as we keep believing, our dreams become reality. Thanks Dan & look forward to future episodes!!

Real Inspiration

I love how Dan weaves valuable lessons into the podcast while eliciting authentic stories from his guests. I’m hooked!

Inspirational and motivating

Dan McPherson brings inspirational guests who motivate and captivate and helps us all to realize that Dreams are Real!

Powerful and practical

Dan and his guests do a great job of providing powerful, impactful stories and practical information and tips on how to make your dreams a reality. A must listen!

Stories are everywhere - Dreams are real

I truly enjoyed the first episode of the Podcast as I could relate to Dan McPherson’s vision to , convince everyone out there that dreams are real and everyone has a story! We can truly learn from other people’s lives and their experiences and self reflect into our own... everyone has dreams, small or big... but Dreams are real! ... I congratulate Dan McPherson on this wonderful journey that he has embarked on to impact lives of others around us. Definitely looking forward to more episodes to listen to other people share their stories.

Ian Hawkins Podcast

I loved how Ian drew a connection between issues of the heart and how he approaches personal growth.