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A Great Listen!

These conversations are so thoughtful and inspiring. I’m surprised at how often what’s discussed is so relatable. Thanks, Susan, for sharing these moments that help us breathe and carry on.

Amazing Podcast!

This podcast is packed full of amazing stories. Susan is very warm-hearted and authentic when telling her stories. In the episode “The Gift of Boundaries,” Susan shared a quote from Wayne Dyer that stuck with me. “Conflict cannot survive without your participation.” — Wayne Dyer I highly recommend you give that episode a listen if you struggle with setting boundaries! Overall this podcast is an amazing listen to those who are looking to better their lives!

Like listening in on a Conversation between why is friends

Once upon a time we may have had our lives all dreamed out, and then real life happened. What I love about this podcast is that Susan Montanaro brings us an eclectic range of guests who know what it’s like to experience trauma, disappointments, heartbreak, and sometimes unimaginable challenges – – yet go on living with joy and purpose anyway. The conversations are wise, witty, and sometimes even a little irreverent, though always real. Occasionally we even hear just from Susan, solo, sharing a little nugget of encouragement to get us over the hump.

Love to listen

Thanks for having great guests and being such an inspiring podcast to listen to at the end of a long day!


I worked with Susan years ago and I can say first hand she’s fantastic! Her curiosity and lust for life really comes through with her new found path. I really enjoy her interview skills and the warm hearted way she treats all her guests. Keep up the good work!


Great podcast and especially impressive since it’s a brand new. Excellent host and very interesting guests! I look forward to new episodes.

Great stories and lessons

Thank you for sharing these wonderful and interesting stories. I can take the lessons shared and apply them to my own life. They are so engaging. They really make you think and learn and grow. I can’t wait until the next one comes out! Thanks