Jan. 24, 2023

185 - 4 Stages of a Remarkable Exit

185 - 4 Stages of a Remarkable Exit

Stage 1 - Strategy: What Does Your Ideal Exit Look Like?

Stage 2 - Readiness: How to Get Your Practice Exit Ready  

Stage 3 - Go To Market: Finding The Ideal Buyer and Successor  

Stage 4 - Transaction: How To Make a Graceful and Profitable Exit 

Whether you are 3 years or 30 years away from selling your practice - this episode is for you.  You will want to maximize your sale price and minimize your tax burden.  You will want to make sure that your Team, your patients and your business is READY for your exit. You will want to see your legacy live on.  

You know the saying: When is the best time to plant an oak tree?  50 years ago…

When is the second best time?  Today!  


Episode Highlights

04:22 - You need to go through the 4 stages of the remarkable exit in a strategic fashion in order to position yourself well. 

08:22 - Get the support you need to exit with a deep and rich team of experts including coaches, and legal experts. 

12:35 - What does the ideal exit look like to you and do you have a strategy or plan to achieve that?
16:18 - It's critically important that you go into the exit strategy exploring all opportunities, so that you can craft the plan that is going to lead us to the best outcomes based on what you are trying to accomplish.

18:48 - Get crystal clear on your why.

28:15 - Dr. Pete’s transition started with his heart, and then mentally wrapping his head around it.

34:20 - Discover the two ways to arrive at a valuation of your business.


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