Jan. 29, 2022

Raising Children in Today's World

Raising Children in Today's World

We have a special treat today as we interview 3 parenting experts, (Linda Sweet, Joanne Light and Lorraine Durnford-Hill) each with their specialty, offering advice to parents and teachers alike. Their insights into common parenting questions, as well as unique problems that today's children face that is different than the last generation, are thought provoking and so needed in today's world. We are also excited to announce the February 3rd, 2022 book launch of guest LInda Sweet as she talks about her upcoming book "Raising Self-Reliant Children".

About Our Guests:

Lorraine Durnford-Hill is a Early Childhood Resource Consultant with over 40 years of experience working with therapists, children and parents.  Currently she is working on masterminding her second career after retirement in 2021.  She supports families with parenting issues and works 1-1 with children.    She has recently developed an 8 week course called:  "5 Steps to Taming the Anger Monster." This program helps fill your tool box so you can bring connection, calmness and joy back into your life. 


Joanne Light
My name is Joanne H Light.  I grew up in New Jersey and attended Wells College and The George Washington University.   After obtaining my BA I earned a MA in Classics.  This led to a teaching career at both private and public schools. After a time and one child I returned to school and received a doctorate in Counseling and Education.  My dissertation covered women’s choices in creating careers and raising children.  That was in 1982, and I believe it is a very relevant topic today as we observe parents dealing with an incredible number of challenges and choices as a result of the pandemic.
I have been married for 50 years, and we have lived and raised our family in Massachusetts, just north of Boston. After teaching, I spent my career at a Community College where I counseled and advised students and within a couple of years, became Vice President of Student affairs overseeing student life, career services, financial aid, and enrollment. As an administrator, I led a team of 80 diverse individuals. Upon retirement I found a passion in coaching and am a Certified Life Coach.
As a Parent Empowerment Coach I work with parents whose kids are struggling with any number of challenges. I help parents develop the power to create healthy relationships with their children by addressing conflict, making intentional connections and building resilience by understanding the skills of emotional intelligence. I try to provide clients with a conscious, connected and confident experience – a transformative change for families.

I understand parents’ feelings of burned out, helplessness and stress. My older daughter struggled and until we found the right sources of help, her anxiety and mood disorder created pain for the entire family.  Once I found support for myself, I realized in parenting you are not alone. As a result we had more peace and compassion.  Life experience as a parent has truly led me to my passion of working with families. There are so many issues, especially now: managing stress, understanding emotions, dealing with conflict, setting boundaries, reconnecting with your kids, safety and school, etc.  It is truly endless.  We all love our children and want the “best” for them but need to accept and nourish them for who they are and accept our own limits.  There is no perfect parent.
Parenting is an inside out process – reach in and then reach out.   

Linda Sweet has over forty-five years of educational and administrative experience. She has taught at a variety of grade levels in both public and private educational settings. Linda holds a Master of School Administration, certificates in Special and Gifted Education, Early Childhood Administration, and Principal’s Training. Her passion and commitment to incorporate progressive and innovative techniques into her classrooms have been ongoing. Linda has also been an active participant and leader in a wide variety of education, sport, and community forums.

About the Host:
Julie Ann is the Founder of Influence Publishing Inc and a TEDx Speaker. In the last ten years she has published over 300 authors and made over 80% of those International Best Sellers. She claims to be the world only Dyslexic book publisher and her TEDx Talk on “The Gift of Dyslexia” has had almost 100,000 views. She has been featured on British and Canadian TV, The Daily Mail, International Radio and Podcasts and conducted many inspirational speeches. She has won many awards including The Golden Gavel Speech contest, International Toastmasters, Woman of Worth Success and Soul, Unlimited Woman of Creativity and The Canadian Business Excellence Awards, (Creative Book Publishing) in 2021.

She is the Best-Selling author of “Around the World in Seven Years – A Life Changing Journey” that catalogues her journey around the world from 1998-2005 by sailboat, train, bus, and plane. She is a member of the New York Circumnavigators club as the slowest circumnavigator, travelling from the UK to South Africa, Tanzania, Dar es Salem, Zanzibar, Kenya, Seychelles, Maldives and the tiny remote archipelago of the uninhabited islands of Chagos (where she lived on a desert island for 3 months).  She crossed the Indian Ocean by sailboat to Thailand and Malaysia where she created a backpackers remote islands tour business for 2 years.  She then travelled alone to
Laos and Cambodia and then flew to Vancouver Canada, to join another boat and sail the Baja of Mexico, and the Sea of Cortez.  Her circumnavigation was complete when she flew the final leg from Mexico City back to the UK. She presently lives in Puerto Vallarta where she met her Mexican Fiancé who was a Salsa and Latin dance instructor.  She discovered unconditional love with him and lived live to the full, dancing Salsa, Cumbia, and the Cha Cha every week along with the live Cuban band in Bodeguita Cuban club in Puerto Vallarta. He recently passed and this inspired her to start this podcast show to inspire other people to live a life on purpose and in joy and with no regrets! The last 3 years in Puerto Vallarta have been the best years of her life, at a time when many where experiencing the opposite. She is a dual citizen of the UK and Canada.

Website: https://www.influencepublishing.com
Facebook: @Influencepub
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LinkedIn: Julie Salisbury
Instagram: @InfluencePublishing
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