Dec. 29, 2022

Land Banking: Investment That You Should Know with Brad Warren

Land Banking: Investment That You Should Know with Brad Warren

Are you a business person who's looking for ways to invest your earnings? Know this incredible investment that will pay off over time.

We have Brad Warren as our guest today. He's very passionate about helping patient investors purchase risk-mitigated, pre-developed land in high-growth areas of Southern California. He assists investors with selling their parcels to developers who consolidate that land into a larger parcel to build housing, a shopping center or other mixed-use project, a solar farm, etc. 

Listen to this episode now and find out what land banking is and learn how big you can earn through this incredible investment. You can hear us talking about how they help investors earn big in their investments as well as Brad Warren's experiences. Brad also discusses some parts of the process, research, and strategies for better winnings from each investment opportunity. Tune in until the end of the podcast to learn about Brad's collaboration journey and his book recommendation.

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