Dec. 22, 2022

Earn Big: Turn Speaking Into Clients with Jeff Klein

Earn Big: Turn Speaking Into Clients with Jeff Klein

Want to do business networking better? Learn these tips to stretch your revenue as a paid speaker or get more clients by finding a perfect speaker. 

Our guest today is Jeff Klein, a Speaker, Speaker Coach, Booker, and Trainer. He is the author of 30 Seconds to Success: Generating Referrals with Your Elevator Pitch, and the upcoming Speaking As a Business Strategy: 9 Laws to Business Speaking Success. Following successful careers in Advertising, Marketing, and Production, Jeff’s individual and group programs assist professionals, who are responsible for generating revenue, to create great opportunities to sell. He continues to speak to trade associations, sales organizations, national conventions, and business groups.

Tune in as we get to learn Jeff Klein's advice and tips on how to earn big as a speaker by making wise and proper offers, then turning your audiences into clients. He shares all about teaching speakers the elevator pitch, how to network, and how to do business networking better. Jeff also talks about learning from your mistakes, as well as learning from others’ mistakes and making speaking never a practice but a real deal. Stay tuned as he shares his amazing collaboration and partnerships as he's growing his business.

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