March 2, 2023

Achieve That Abundance in Your Business with Susan Erickson

Achieve That Abundance in Your Business with Susan Erickson
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Tragedy- big or small, may occur in a business, but you have control over how to respond to that. You can strive while acquiring that joyful abundance in your business! 

We have Susan Erickson, our guest today. She has a bachelor of science in business and a master's degree in organizational leadership. She acknowledges that in medicine, facts must provide the basis for decisions, but wisdom and lived experience must be added in for the best outcome. She works with many different styles, personalities, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds, always providing a safe space for the individual to cultivate their path and accomplish their goals. 

Tune in to this episode as Susan Erickson shares the limiting beliefs that can be preventing you from bringing the desired result for your business. Hear us discuss positive and effective ways to make valuable connections that can really open the door to some amazing collaborations. See how these can help you give your client what they need and want.

In this episode, Susan shared her must-read books..

Reality-Based Leadership by Cy Wakeman

Anti-Time Management by Richie Norton

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