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Awesome Podcast!!

Damian, host of the You Are The Superhero podcast, highlight all aspects of health, wealth, relationships, time, energy, freedom, family, career and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Simply super!

Whether you're here for relationships, business advice, spirituality, or a blend of all three, you're in the right place! Damian offers a holistic approach to being your best self in all facets of life. Great guests, great insights, great stuff across the board!

Definitely Need to Listen!!

This podcast is awesome with Damian’s extensive understanding of metaphysics & his guests are always very interesting so definitely check out why he says we are all Superheroes!! 🤗

This Podcast Generates Results!

This podcast has very high quality, actionable information! I practiced one thing I learned from the first episode and generated a 10% sign up at a captive audience lecture I gave the next week. Awesome! The people Damian chooses to interview are full of wisdom. He asks great questions (as if he knows exactly what the listeners want to hear). Highly recommend!

Great content!

I really enjoyed the interview with Chris Sheehan & his take on art & nature. That episode made me reflect more on what success means to me & how it feels in my body. The connection of ‘success’ to a ‘feeling’ leaves me with a sense of empowerment as to what I can create for myself in my own life. Thank you!