May 25, 2023

Knowing Your numbers to Increase Revenue

Knowing Your numbers to Increase Revenue
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One of the top things creative entrepreneurs fail to pay attention to are their numbers.

This week’s guest, Carrie Wulf, illustrates how she helps clients identify revenue leaks and develops strategies to address them. 

By Implementing systems, workflows, and SOPs, Carrie shares how she has been able to create a successful business while working less days a week.

About Donna Ashton

Donna Ashton, Time Reclaimer & Course Expert has 14 years experience running a simple business working 3 days per week. She teaches strategies to design 4 -Day -Weekends for overloaded solopreneurs giving them their lives back.

Her mission is to give you the one thing you can’t buy- time all while making more money.

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About Carrie Wulf

Years ago, as the wife of a now-retired active-duty soldier, Carrie realized how much she loved developing plans, workflows, and procedures. Strategies that made life easier. She has turned that love and those skills into her dream business. Carrie wants everyone to wake up excited to build their lifetime dream - just like she does.

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