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Awesome podcast on BEING

Such a great podcast- rich conversations on being that will uplift everyone who is ready

Every word hit home!

So simple and rich , satisfying and inspirational. I felt like Nicholas kept plainly and simply speaking to my inner child who never got to hear these beautiful words.

Simply- WOW.

I have never had such a visceral reaction to a podcast. Total alignment with my journey. Thank you all for sharing this!

More than a self help podcast!

It’s learning to discover the best version of you. One of the many things I have learned from this podcast, the book, the Facebook group, Steve Hardison, Amy Hardison and ALan B Thompson is it’s all about BEing! Being present. Looking inward at who I want to be- makes life a pleasure and joy to live an authentic, beautiful life! I have learned so much by the community and The stories and journey we all are in this LIFE!

Brilliant podcast!

The Ultimate Coach Podcast is the perfect companion to The Ultimate Coach Book and The Ultimate Coach Facebook Group. My life has transformed from learning and applying the concept of being! It had impacted me so deeply I have shared with thousands about the book and now I will share the podcast!

We are the bridge to Love

Wow! What an amazing podcast. So inspiring to take a peek into the amazing human spirit. The hosts, Laban, Ross, and Philippe are incredible in leading the discussion. The first week of podcasts I binge listened to in one sitting. I can’t wait to hear more! Bravo everyone!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Listen About You

Get ready to immerse yourself in conversations that ignite transformation. When you listen to these episodes not about the guest or host but instead about you, then your experience will be remarkable. What I love about these conversations from Being is that each host - Laban, Philippe and Ross - has a unique style and unique way of Being in each conversation they create with the guests. There is nothing else out there like this podcast because there is no one else out there like you. A must-listen and a beautiful compliment to The Ultimate Coach Book written by Amy Hardison and Alan Thompson.

Being and Staying Passionately in Love with Steve

I loved the voice of Mr. Bartu. I loved the topic. I LOVE Amy Hardison. I cannot wait to share all three of these, but particularly this one on Love. Loving you. Be Blessed. SFH/kab

The Most Profound Shift

I’ve been a student of personal growth for almost three decades. But I always felt like something was missing…like I was driving a Ferrari stuck in first gear. Most of my focus and training was all about the DOing. The shift occurred (and is still occurring) when I changed from “what do I need to DO” (to reach my potential) to “who am I BEing.” I’m still living into this and find that I can easily fall back into old habits of being (shifting into higher gear can feel scary). The Ultimate Coach book has served as a powerful wake-up call and a mirror for what’s possible for me. And I’m so excited this podcast now exists as an additional resource to deepen the insights and growth. Here’s to what’s possible for you & for me! -Wesley

Being You

Who you are BEing is everything. Discover this truth and you will have it all! What a remarkable journey this podcast is into the lives of those committed to truly being themselves. A special place to be invited for you to do the same!