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Engaging, insightful, empowering

Hilary has created a top-notch, inspiring and substantial podcast. For sure her guests are amazing and she also has such a beautiful way of holding space for these interviews and asking genuine and sometimes even delightfully unexpected questions. The result is not only engaging but empowering because you are really getting to learn from the true, transparent grace, grit and wisdom that can unfold from these kinds of authentic conversations. I appreciate the work you are doing, Hilary, and highly recommend the podcast!


I just started listening to Hilary and she is a true gem. She has a way of explaining things that makes complete sense. A must if you are looking to ReLaunch your life or business.

A must have for female entrepreneurs!

Hilary DeCesare is beyond amazing! I am just starting my business and the information she gives has given me the confidence and ambition to take that next step in my business. Thank you Hilary!

A gem of wisdom for your best life!

Hilary DeCesare finds stellar and inspiring women and interviews them with such enthusiasm and love. It’s like having a kind, encouraging, and wildly successful big sister who introduces you to women she admires, and together they teach you what you need to know. Her belief in women to relaunch their lives is an inspiration and support in itself. Each interview is a gem of wisdom and tips by women who have been through it all. I learn sometime every time.


Hillary has an awesome way of breaking down the barriers in your mind. Super empowering and inspirational! Relaunch your business and your life!

Unbridled positivity w practical guidance

Hilary has rock star level enthusiasm for life while also having an enormous heart to connect. She also has genuine curiosity to learn from her guests’ perspective. It’s the perfect combo for an excellent podcast.

Obsession Worthy

What do you get when you combine a sparkly personality, spot-on business advice, tell-all stories, and a splash of rapid fire questions? OBSESSED! This podcast has it all! Hilary’s warm, genuine personality shines through in every episode and her guests are just as lovely and knowledgable. Each episode is fun, engaging, and filled to the brim with practical advice, stories of success and inspiration, and tips on how you can launch or relaunch a business in ways that feel good to you. Grab a hot vanilla latte and settle in, because you’re gonna wanna savor each episode.

Exactly the right mix

I continue to enjoy this podcast week after week. Amazing tempo, content and variety. This is a weekly must for all women.

I’m sold

Delivery is everything and you keep me engaged with stories and great takeaways!

Caroline Demitris

Now this is what I needed to hear. You have a way with words Hilary!!! I can’t wait to start my relaunch with the help of your inspiring words.

Soul driven beautiful Insights from fun loving Hilary❤️ what a daily treat!

Whether you’ve been consistently practicing your journey inward or just dipping your little toe in, Hilary will make you feel right at home with her authentic and fun loving personal stories of what catapulted her to truly enjoying and thriving in her life today✨Now I don’t know about you, but listening to someone who knows the secret to “success” in ALL areas of Life is not only wonderful but truly fulfilling. Thank you my dear friend for inspiring me to take the path forward in such a powerful positive way. Truly Life Changing.❤️

Love it!

Insightful, Uplifting and Entertaining. You go girl!

Just the positivity we all need....NOW

Hilary has a gift of relatability and wisdom, clear thinking, humor and positivity. Do yourself and your soul a favor and tune in! Bravo!

Beautiful inspiration from Hilary

Hilary brings forth years worth of expertise mixed in with her real world personal experiences into an inspirational podcast series. It will uplift you and bring you closer to your best life. Compassionate, authentic and kind - Hilary is your guide for midlife transitions. Go Hilary!!


Totally engaging and motivating!!! Hearing Hillary and her guests talk about living their best lives with grace and humor which creates a new picture of midlife is inspirational.... Thank you for being so open and illuminating the options out there to create a new narrative❤️

What fuels you? Hilary’s words do

So incredibly inspiring! Hilary has a brilliant way of empowering one back to where we all want to be: fulfilled and happy. These 4 awareness methods contain wisdom and common sense steps that create awareness, help motivate and fuel ourselves within to a better life. I look forward to more of Hilary’s amazing pod casts. Additionally, I can not wait to share this gift of knowledge with my friends!

Love this!

Started listening during my afternoon walks for inspiration. Listening has brought me unexpected gifts beyond inspiration, like self-improvement motivation, ways to look at things thru a different lens, and self-kindness. Love what you share, keep it up!


Super easy listening to, love the content, and genuine passion for others!

she cares AND she actually knows what she’s talking about!

Fun and playful, yet practical and powerful! Its clear she knows what she’s doing, and it’s nice to hear she clearly cares about her tribe and their “happily ever after.” RECOMMEND!

Well thought out

Sound advice and support for developing tangible goals that can help you get from A to B in small, do-able steps, rather than giant, scary leaps.

Excellent perspective

Delightfully inspiring. Wonderful reminder on character building, learned by walking through life’s challenges and learning from the experience. Leave the baggage, learn the lesson, become better and in the end find the laughter in it all. So well narrated with charm and wit. I was laughing with you.

Inspiring, Relatable, Funny!!

This is a delightful conversation that left me feeling inspired and not alone. Hilary’s light and happy sounding voice lifts you up and makes you feel like you’re chatting with a friend. I listened while walking and had no idea how far I had gone because I was thoroughly entertained!! When life feels like it’s beating you up, listen to Hilary because she’s real and no matter how seriously bad the situation is she always brings it back to the silver lining! Mood lifting, inspirational, happy, and packed with great tips and tricks!

Listen to this Pod

Hilary is so genuine! As she says, “We all carry things in our bag that we need to face.” Well adjusted, not adjusted? This is a good listen to get perspective about yourself and a great approach to walking your own journey - and sometimes running! Full of laughs and lessons.

Need some Mid Life Magic?

If you are going through any kind of mid life crisis right now, you must subscribe to this channel. Hilary has been coaching me for the last couple years and I find it amazing how she can change my thinking with any situation in my life with such optimism. Her knowledge is impeccable! What makes her so special is that she has gone through so many life struggles herself, so she truly speaks from the heart. Start now . . . her ReLaunch method works!!!

Fantastic idea...Relaunch!!

Clear, direct and relevant! Thank you Hilary. 💖r

Are you in my head?

I think so... lol

Telling my gals!

Very inspiring for women in all different phases of life. Thank you for your passion and transparency. Your willingness to share your personal experience and professionally knowledge is so valuable to everyone.

I’m Ready to Relaunch

Meaningful and funny! I can’t wait to keep listening.

ReLaunch vote- 5 Stars for sure!

Love and learn sooo much from Hilary’s Podcasts and her coaching. It can apply to anyone and their own personal experiences. Highly recommend any and all to listen in!

A winner!

Just listened to the first episode of your Relaunch podcasts. Thank you for the belly laughs, as I can picture your face, (and your brother’s), throughout your story. Your voice is REAL. It’s calming and soothing, and you can hear your genuineness as you deliver your message. A message, I might add, that is worthy of not only being heard, but actually listened to. Congrats, my friend. So very proud of you! I will be subscribing as soon as I finish this review!

Feels like chatting with my wisest friend

I loved everything about this. Your authenticity, your candor, your uplifting attitude. Cannot wait to hear more episodes!

Thank you!!!

This couldn’t have come at a better time. Literally being stuck sheltering at home and stuck in my own head... I can’t tell you how much I appreciate and needed a new perspective! Can’t wait to hear them all!!!

You’ve got my interest!

I really enjoyed your funny and totally transparent style. You made me feel assured there are others going through life, taking some hits, but hopeful for the brighter side. Looking forward to your stories to come!


Recommended this to my wife and friends! You are a magic maker!!!


You truly are a MAGIC MAKER-!! Love the reference to keeping a mental treasure chest of the amazing moments! Especially in these trying times, I smiled thinking back to the fun memories I treasure.

Fun Energy

Love the fun energy of Hilary and always have an ahaaa moment or 3!