Jan. 8, 2020

Wanting to change your life, here are ten things you should know

Wanting to change your life, here are ten things you should know

If misery loves company, could the same for happiness be true

Facts are that misery is abounding. Almost a trend! A downward spiral fueled by anxiety, dissatisfaction and depression. According to the world happiness report, many lives happiness are impacted by addictions.

When we first think of addiction, what comes to mind? Drugs, opiates, alcohol? But have you ever considered unhappiness? Some of us are addicted to being unhappy without ever knowing.

Of course, drugs and alcohol override our minds naturally driven motivator, the pleasure reward center. When addiction plays a role, it is a demand for pleasure.

But the natural brain function is much simpler. We do good, we feel pleasure. We do the things we do in order to feel pleasure and avoid pain.

But when it comes to being unhappy, we often feel depressed, anxious and alone. And this negative loop can be like a hamster on a wheel, round and round we go, trapped in our own unhappiness.

To stop the cycle, we need to feel good hormones and chemicals flow through our veins.

And there are many things that can trigger a pleasure response. Here are a few!

I'll give more detail but simply put, surround yourself with happy people, stop and smell a flower, dress in bright clothing, help someone in need. The simplicity of engaging our pleasure reward center provides hope.

When the lack of happiness can have such a devastating impact on our health and our lives. The fact that happiness can have the ability to reduce pain and beef up our immunity. 

So why is that? the difference between positive or non stress chemicals and hormones in our blood stream. Where unhappiness may be considered a type of stress.

Stress being negative hormones and chemicals in our systems. And we already know that chronic stress; longer than two months in length; becomes the leading indicator for heart disease. Kills far to many, to soon.

So how else can we up-level our happiness to have our best year ever? Explore happiness basics.

It is said that fifty percent of happiness is due to our genes. In 1966 a study indicated how we attain happiness. And the study recognizes it is not so simple. Many factors lead to both happiness and unhappiness.

And as the years pass and we gain more tools and insight, we find parts of this study contradicts neuroscience; which states that our thoughts can turn on or off our genetic markers of predisposition.

And it makes sense to me that happy parents may install a positive outlook in their child. Because we all know happiness is contagious. Just hang out with fun friends. To think in a certain way and have an optimistic attitude in the world.

Happy kids are fun to be around and gather more happy friends. Hanging out with friends improves our mood and reduces stress, so allow yourself to socialize more. I's time to gather, facts support that groups of friends, co housing of friends and marriage all create a bond of well-being which fuels our upward spiral.

The distance between friends also affects our mood. We love touch and the more we touch the happier we are. And sex plays a factor, good sex I mean. 

Happiness attraction is real, we have all felt it or felt the pain of rejections. 

Something other things to ponder. What else affects our happiness? Ten percent of our happiness could be influenced by our environment. Where we live and under what circumstances we live in. If the environment is intolerable, lacks safety, food, water, shelter or any basics required for life, then it would seem normal that we could feel unhappy.

Control! We have an innate need to control our lives. What we do and how we due it. Our welfare is affected by our ability to feel some level of control. 

And gratefully a full 40% of our happiness is related to our actions. This means attitude, optimism and the choices we make.

Yes, we have more control over our lives than we ever considered. In the end the 1966 study reflects that happiness is not explained as a simple formula.

But there are happiness factors and we have all experienced them. One I call the rainbow effect. Think of one of your most beautiful moments. A birth of a child or grandchild. A marriage, a true love. A rewarding accomplishment. By recalling these amazing moments and recalling the sensory experience of this moment we can raise our happiness levels, immediately. 

Positive psychology expert, Shawn Achor, states and science support that happiness is possible and an advantage.

So, turn on happiness a little bit each day, it is an upward spiral. It is said that bright clothing brightens one day. So drop the black and add a splash of color!

And turns our money isn't everything. There is a happiness balance in our banks. Hourly earning also tend to be happier.

What else? Stop worrying. Worry has become confused in our mind. Like the decoder between thirst and hunger. Confusion and we often make the choice to eat the twinky.

Worry is like that. We think we are in an act of caring, but really, we are not. We are in a process that has been proven faulty 90% of the time. 

So set aside worry. Recognize the faulty nature of the emotion and find a better way to show you care. By doing something. An act of kindness, giving support, make a call to say hello. These simple actions can increase your happiness and actually help someone else.

How often have you thought about a friend and days, weeks and years pass by. The person you care about never knowing of your fondness for them.

So celebrate the small stuff, awards, milestones, friends. Celebrate by gathering, having a conversation, sharing a meal. these things up-level happiness.

And consider the other stuff. The demands for happiness. How many pairs of red shoes do I really need! All the stuff we gather that loads our landfills often results in a quick dose of dopamine and the never end cycle of addiction. Yes we become addicted to our stuff.

The amount of stuff, the kind of stuff. Some stuff better than other stuff. We compare our stuff. Stuff has become an addiction as deadly as drugs.

Always thinking the grass is greener on the other size is a downward spiral. being grateful for what we already have moves us up.

Happiness becomes a habit, a strategy. Think of it like a ham sandwich. Why? A ham sandwich could be a metaphor for a habit.

We are creatures of habit. What is your habit stack when you get up in the morning? What armpit do you wash first?

This is known as a habit stack and we all have them. If you want to gain happiness this year then add one positive thing to your already, written in stone stack.

This called habit stacking and it can be a happiness strategy for you. I love stacks and include many happiness strategies in my stacks, morning noon and night.

And stacks are proven to work. Adding one happiness builder into your stack until it has become a habit. A good strategy could be to schedule it. One good habit for each of the twelve month of the year. And stack your way to happiness.

As I already said I am a happiness stack expert; in my opinion. Need help  building a proven stack then connect.

Your happiness could be as simple as beginning. So do it today.

604-885-8236 text me now.

Until then here are ten happiness builders.

1. Surround yourself with happiness people, because happiness is contagious.

2. You know that the scent of flowers engage our pleasure reward center.

3. Exercise is good.

4. Hanging out, co-habitate and celebrate with friends that care.

5. Doing a kindness for another can make us feel good.

6. Create a colorful wardrobe!

7. Learn how to reduce stress by recalling a wonderful moment in life.

8. Proven oldies but not to be overlooked, are gratitude and optimism practice, add it to your habit stack. 

9. Consider your environment. Is there room for improvement? But also recognizing that where ever you go there you are.

10. Control what you can, and stop worrying. It is better to do something kind than worry and do nothing.

Happiness is created through maintaining happiness strategies every day. Happiness requires fuel, just like your car. Fuel your happiness for a rainy day! Until we meet in person, stay well out there.

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