Nov. 13, 2019

Life on the line and a life line for LGBTQ community

Life on the line and a life line for LGBTQ community

Ambassador and activist Dean Nelson talks about his experience

Early in life Dean recognized he was different. He says it took a lot of energy to hide himself and he felt unauthentic. The first time he was able to understand the power of authenticity was interviewing the LGBTQ community during the first Whistler gay pride week. 

When many of us may take our personal freedom for granted. But this is not the case for the LGBTQ community or in many countries in the world. Soon he found himself as both an ambassador and activist for this close knit community.

There were times when he was terrified, marching through the streets of Budapest was one such time. Locked in and marching for their rights to be who they are. And it was during this same march that Dean realized his purpose.

He says that it will not be until people walk out of the dark of ignorance and into love that his purpose will be fulfilled.

I found his life story compelling, sad and powerful. Dean now figures out how to keep the LGBTQ community safe as they travel throughout the world. 

He always does his best and being optimistic is part of that. Even in the darkest dire situations to find the glimmer of light. He says loves wins every time. 

Sometimes it is the awareness, but the LGBTQ community are  our brothers, sisters, Mothers, Fathers, friends and neighbors. 

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 BIO: Dean Nelson is a travel expert specializing in LGBTQ travel and is an LGBTQ activist. For the past twelve years, Dr. Nelson has produced the award winning annual Whistler pride and ski festival, co-founder of Mr. Gay world in 2009 and the founder of Pride House at the 2010 Olympic and para-lympic winter games.

In 2018 his alma mater, Thompson Rivers University, bestowed one of the greatest honors of recognition the university is able to give to an individual for his contributions to LGBTQ community is tourism, leadership in LGBTQ visibility and awareness with a honorary doctorate of laws.

He is also recognized by the international gay lesbian tourism association with a pioneer award for his ongoing dedication and inspiration of linking tourism with sports. In 2017 travel gay Canada recognized Nelson's dedication with the LGBTQ tourism leader of the year award.

He is a social media contributor, free-lance writer, speaker and ambassador for Whistler.

Nelson loves to travel and has visited all seven continents and over one hundred countries.

Dean can be reached:

604-739-3622 ext 348




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