Oct. 14, 2019

Focus and Flow for empowering your freedom day 4

Focus and Flow for empowering your freedom day 4

Theda time for your greatest creativity and invention

Theda is said to give us access to our deepest intelligence. This magical time as we wake and drop off to sleep.

This deeply relaxed state is powerful, where we can experience our greatest creativity and invention. Optimize our wisdom, shift perception and heal our selves. 

Theda brain waves are natural processes we go into and out every day. Our children are in theda much of their young lives. Absorbing information and learning at incredible rates.


Artists and inventors spend more time here too. It could be considered the closest brain wave to being hypnotized and the times we are highly focused and when time goes by unnoticed.


Theda offers us the ability to gain new insight and problem solve. And there is less resistance as our critical brain is resting during this time.

So when we are wanting to influence the outcomes of our life, we can use theda time to influence our action.

But please be aware that theda practice is not for everyone. Those using a pacemaker or suffering from seizures or epilepsy should consult their doctor. 

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Adele's bio: I live through passion and purpose. In love with neuroscience, drawn to the power of the mind; as a survivor of a plane that crashed and flipped in water. What I experienced while drowning. The stuff I now know to be true.

I consciously live my values. Being clear about what I do and don;t want. Living a life I love waking up to every day. 

I thrive on learning, growing and expanding my awareness so I can embrace all that life has to offer.

My clients are successful professionals looking for or going through change. They want to be listened to and are looking for a personalized caring approach.

If you are tired of repeating old patterns of behavior.

Feel stuck. 

Experience uncomfortable or imbalanced feelings in your body.

Wake up feeling dis-satisfied. Are living under stress or simply looking for a new beginning that fulfills your inner purpose. Then you have found your safe haven.

As a NLP trainer, I create perceptual shifts, teach and provide life skills. Plus install the neuro-networking necessary fro transformation.

My multi-dynamic and personalized approach includes a deep sense of intuition, natural medicine, neuroscience, integrity and care.

Clients report that they feel happier, sleep ,ore soundly and experience feelings of deep satisfaction knowing they are living the purposeful life they have been wanting.

Natural health: Improving and balancing your body, mind and soul

NLP Trainer: empowerment, behavioral change, accelerate and motivate learning, install excellence, improve communication and removing stress.

Service: Deeply devoted to creating the environment where you can move towards a life you desire and deserve.