March 25, 2020

As the planet pauses, how are you being?

As the planet pauses, how are you being?

A rare and unprecedented moment to change the way we are being

The human mind cringes at change, heightening fear! The unknown outcome of this planetary pause has many acting out their fears. Has a zombie apocalypse; even tongue in cheek; crossed your mind?

Apocalypticism has been alive throughout the ages. For example, Beliefs that the end is near, was written in the book of Revelations, and has been ongoing across the ages. Whether the belief of our demise comes in the form of famine, war, cataclysmic earthquakes, tsunamis or pandemic disease, we as humans fear our own demise.

And yet the ages pass, we stick with what we know, even when it's not working, and somehow the human species still continues to rise up. This we hope is the truth today. But what did we believe before and what did we do about it.

In the past versions, water would turn to blood, and a violent end would be the outcome for billions of Earths' inhabitants. Imagine the wrath of God reining down upon us, and unimaginable creatures, maybe even zombies remain to walk the earth. Haha!

Gratefully I believe in a loving God. I always say, trust in God but lock your car. So lets figure this out and have faith that this too will pass.

We will discover a new way of being, in fact it is happening now. A new way. One that, in the short time ahead of us, has an opportunity for survival. But how does it feel, to be still?

Because many of us, put stillness off. There is no time to pause. the kids, the job, friends and a four car garage. Prior to this stillness, there was only busyness.

And that was killing us, by the millions. Bigger than c19 was heart disease and cancer and all kinds of loathsome diseases. And yet busyness remained unchecked. Driving us off the cliff of despair.

Scientist screamed, tree huggers' hugged, disbelievers dis-believed. Our only way of living, being this dying planet. In search for a future home somewhere in our planetary system we searched. The next potential inhabitable planet must exist.

And yet we have a planet. One with grace and beauty beyond imaginable. Blue oceans and rivers turned to sludge, the skies yellowed with pollution and extinction loomed.

Year after year our planet cried out for stillness and we refused to be still.

In all essence we are slowly but surely killing this beautiful planet that sustains all life. And even when we understood this we refused to do anything about it.

And then it changed. In a heartbeat we stopped. A plague has brought us together and pulled apart. Some forced into submission but something we can't even see with the naked eye.

And like many things we can't see, we know it exists. In movies, we watched horrified as a black and lethal fog snakes through the streets.

Do we quiver fearfully? Possibly. But there is something else, in the air, that we can not see. Call that faith, resilience, will. What science can reveal to us today, will change tomorrow. But we are here, changed. Witnessing the most powerful event in this century. And how will be be? How to be still. How to save our self and each other in our stillness

Because what I see is, the planet breathing a sigh of relief, as industrial waste stops, planes grounded, cars sit quietly, the human machines hush.

As Mother breaths in, she gives us a promise of clearing ocean and blue skies. 

A new un-normal normal arises from the stillness enters the mind. Disquieting stillness. What to do about it? Enter it. Breath it, revel in it. Become the stillness. Reflect the stillness. Absorb stillness. learn to be still.

Hush the inner voice, raise awareness and evolve into the power of stillness. While chaos swirls around us, focus on what we can control. Turn down the lights, remove stimuli and focus on one item in the room. Tune into every detail. textures, curves, lines, size, color, form, light, weight, volume. Delight in what you can discover about your breath easing, heart rate slowing. This is calm. 

Time for our parasympathetic system to relax. There is no right or wrong way to stillness. Some may want to focus on a soothing image, others tranquilizing music.

In fact there may be no other experience that will ever be quite like this one.  A planetary pause, together yet alone.

Together we face the common threat to our existence. How will we meet this challenge? Knowing some will die. Maybe many, friends, family will be affected by illness.

Each of us may enter and exit stillness in a different way. Will it be in curiosity, fear, defiance, unaffected, disengaged or in caring, love and gratitude. 




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I consciously live my values. Being clear about what I do and don;t want. Living a life I love waking up to every day. 

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