Nov. 29, 2022

How To Support Your LGBTQIA+ Loved One During the Holidays

How To Support Your LGBTQIA+ Loved One During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of magic, love, and connection. Unfortunately, the crisis in our lives doesn’t stop just because it is the holidays. Join Heather as she discusses all the ways to best support your LGBTQIA+ loved one when they are faced with non-affirming friends and relatives during this holiday season. Be your child’s biggest supporter and listen in for all of Heather’s tips for this holiday season.


Do not miss these highlights:

01:32 – Introduction to November 29th’s episode topic. You won’t want to miss out!

02:32 – I love this time of year! Spending time with loved ones.

03:49 – Crisis situations do not take a break during the holidays

05:11 – Let's start the podcast with a breath

05:57– Why word choice is important

07:00 – How do we cope with, manage and support non-affirming friends and family

08:00 – It takes time for people to adjust

09:00 – Setting healthy boundaries

09:52 – How to respond to someone who is non-affirming  

12:11 – How to approach a non-affirming person in a thoughtful way

14:41 – Do not sit silently when people make homophobic statements

16:21 – Tips and suggestions for surviving the holiday crisis of dealing with non-affirming people

20:24 – I know this is hard! AND you can do it!


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