Sept. 20, 2022

Critical Therapy and How We Have the Tough Conversations in Therapy

Critical Therapy and How We Have the Tough Conversations in Therapy

We often separate our political, socioeconomic, gender, and racial identities from our mental health. Today I am joined by Silvia M. Dutchevici, and she introduces us to the concept of Critical Therapy. Critical Therapy takes a deep analysis of the power and invites the political into the therapy room. Silvia shows us how our mental health is affected by so many of these outside factors, that aren’t often considered in the therapeutic process. We don’t live in a bubble and must be open to these tough areas of conversation. Join Heather and Silvia as break down the walls and open up safe places to have hard conversations.


Do not miss these highlights:

01:36 – Introduction to Silvia and Critical Therapy

05:01 – Mental Health struggles after covid

07:05 – How mental health issues are impacted by our place in society

08:28 – Just trying to get back to “normal”, and why that isn’t helpful for mental health

12:16 – The impact of the pandemic on working mothers

13:23 – Should we have it all? Work-life balance in the feminist movement  

14:47 – Parenting that shares the power with our children

17:10 – How we can learn from our kids

19:29 – Understanding gender identity as a parent

23:30 – How we defer to the winners

25:43 – Be open to listening and have questions when your children approach you about coming out

27:07-Difference between critical theory and other therapy

29:20- How do we talk about the issues when there isn’t the struggle

30:51- What is toxic masculinity

33:12- Learning to have more nuanced conversations

35:01- Our society will change, starting with us

38:00- Having difficult conversations with your therapist

42:10- Being aware of how we talk to our children and the messages we are sending them

48:24- How to bring in critical therapy to your therapy sessions.


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About our guest:

Silvia M. Dutchevici, MA, LCSW, is the president and founder of the Critical Therapy Institute. A trained psychotherapist, Dutchevici (pronounced “doot-KAY-vitch”), created critical therapy on perceiving a need for the theory and practice of psychology to reflect how race, class, gender, and religion intersect with psychological conflicts. She is a founding board member of Black Women’s Blueprint and a member of the Physicians for Human Rights Asylum Network, where she conducts psychological evaluations documenting evidence of torture and persecution for survivors fleeing danger in their home countries. She trained at the Bellevue/NYU Survivors of Torture Program, the Parent-Child Center of the New York Psychoanalytic Society, and the New York Freudian Society. Dutchevici has a master’s degree in social work from New York University and a master’s degree in psychology from the New School, and a bachelor’s degree in religious studies and political science from Fordham University. She has lectured and presented throughout the country on critical therapy, including at Fordham and NYU, and has been featured in the Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, The Guardian, International Business Times, and Women’s Health.


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