Dec. 7, 2022

Being Present Moment

Being Present Moment
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Everyone steps in some shit now and then. Most of us, however, get super upset about the shit. What if you could be with your shit, not trying to get away from it? What if you could just be present? Accepting? Taking responsibility? Coming from this other place allows you to make better decisions. This allows you to tune in to you and your gifts.


About the Host:

Michael is a Canine-Partnered Energy Coach, Energy Healer, Author, Speaker and Online Store owner on a mission to help men with dogs find love in their lives again. Let Your Dog Lead you back to love. For more about Michael, his work and cool swag with a purpose check out his links below!

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Taking Responsibility

Michael Overlie:

Hello, my friend. Welcome back to the dogs admin podcast. I am glad you're here. This is the show where you learn to let your dog lead. Lead you back to love.

Michael Overlie:

Hey, guys, so I'm stoked you're here. This is one of my favorite subjects. So let's get right into it. Okay, setting the scene for you. Outside. You gotta rake in your hands. You don't want to be doing this because you don't like yard work. Next thing you know, you smell something. You know if it's the leaves the grass? Nope, nope, that's dogshit. So you pick up a shoe? Nothing on that one. left at the other one. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yep. And of course, you're wearing shoes, or boots with major tread on them. Okay, so you start a little foot drag, dragging your shoe in the grass, you do that a few times, you'll look. Okay, I got some of that off. Most of it's still there. You do it again. Yeah, I got a little more shit off. But not most of it still there. You look around. There it is, is find a small stick, you lean against tree, pick up your foot and you start digging that shit out of those treads. Then you're wiping the stick in the grass and you go back out of the shoe and you get some more of the shit out of the shoe with the stick. And you keep going, but it's not cutting it. And you know, you're sure as hell can't walk inside like this. So oh, what's that? The hose. So you walk over, you turn on the hose and you start spraying at the bottom of your boot. And then you realize you're also spraying this shit water all over yourself. You drag your foot in the grass, no more you spray, you spray the bottom of the boots more. Next thing you know, you're you're a little defeated, and you got to take off your boots, you walk to the back door in your shit water soaked socks. Go inside and finish cleaning off your boots in the kitchen sink or the bathtub. So this, to me, is a duplication or replication of what we do when something happens to us that we just don't like. We do everything we can to avoid just dealing with it just running inside and taking care of the problem by washing the boots. Right? We drag our feet, we find something to poke around a little bit. We try and deflect it, we try and wash it away. But it's still there. Our shit is still there. Right? So how does this come up? For you? In the different situations and relationships in your life? What shit of yours? Do you not deal with? Do you just kind of put it off or you tap dance around it? Maybe you just shove it down? Some people will just throw the boots in the frickin trash. I don't make sense. Because you're not dealing with it. You're just not dealing with your shit. So again, where does this come up for you? Is it your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever? What is it? Because everybody's got shit. And we step in it all the time. But we try and avoid it all the time. So how can you do this differently? What if you could just stand there in your shit for a minute? Right? What's available? Maybe think, oh, you know what? I can do something about this a little later. Right now I need to finish what I'm doing. So maybe you swap boots. Maybe you just leave your boots on and finish your job. Maybe you finish raking up the yard. And then you you know it's gonna be hard to clean that shit up because most of us dried. But maybe it's gonna be easier to clean that shit out because most of its dried. Does this make any sense? You can you can change your perspective on the shit that you've stepped in basically the shit you've dealt yourself, right? That's not what someone else did to you. The shit didn't attack you. Okay? The shit didn't jump up and latch yourself onto your boot you stepped in it, you put yourself in that position in that place. And in that time. So take responsibility for your shit. And get on with your day. Right? Allow yourself to be in it. Allow yourself to in this case, smell it or in other cases to just feel it without running away without blaming the lawn or that Dog, or the tree, whatever it is, no one did anything to you, you all by your lonesome stepped in your shit, you created this. So now, if you're able to be with your shit for a little bit, you start to gain a little clarity. You maybe start to see some options. Oh, maybe I should take better care of my shit going forward, right? Maybe I need to pick up my shit a little more frequently, and I won't step in it as much. What's an interesting concept? What does that look like for you? What does it mean take care of your shit more frequently be proactive about your shit. That's fantastic. That's a great idea. So literally, if you're talking about the yard, that means you keep up with picking up the dog shit instead of once a week. Maybe it's every other day, maybe it's daily, you create a routine around it, say this, at this time of this day, I'm going to pick up my shit I'm going to do with it. And then you don't have to worry about it later. No procrastination. So when you procrastinate, you get a week's worth of shit built up, the leaves fall, and your shits buried. It was fantastic. Think about it. Right? I mean, it's fun to think about and fun to laugh about. But this is, this is exactly what we do to ourselves. Not for ourselves, excuse me, but to ourselves. So how else can you do it differently moving forward? Right? The shits always going to be there. But it's how you deal with it. That makes all the difference in the world? How do you deal with your shit? You deal with it by not dealing with it? Look what happens. The shits gonna keep coming back up. It's gonna keep coming back up if you don't deal with it. So what can you do today? What one little thing can you do? To deal with your shit in a different way? Maybe you give yourself a little time. You create that time for yourself, right? No one's going to hand it to you. No one's going to give you this gift of here. Here's some more time here's some. Here's another way to deal with your shit. You do this? So let's split off from this a little bit. There's there's a couple of ways to look at this. As far as an approach to taking care of our shit. You can either look at it as I have to deal with my shit. Or I get to deal with my shit. I get to go out in the backyard and pick up the shit. You're teaching yourself something else. Right? Because it's always going to happen. You shit your dog shits. Everybody shits. So there's always gonna be shit. How can you be proactive about the shit so it doesn't bother you as much. And doesn't mean you're gonna be like, awesome overnight at dealing with your shit. But you can get better. And then you can get a little better. And then a little better. And before you know it, the shits not gonna bother you. You're gonna go up. I smell it. Yep, we're good. That's it. Right? That'll be the extent of a reaction, noticing. And then moving on from that place. These are skills, guys. All of us. Every single thing I've ever talked about. Every subject I brought up. These can be learned. No one's born coming into life. Just like with all their shit together. No one. We want other people to think that we have our shit together. But we don't our chips scattered all over the place. Some people have learned how to deal with it better. So can you? I have Am I perfect edit. Oh, hell no. I can far from it. But I'm better. I'm better at dealing with my shit. I'm better at seeing my shit coming. Right? I'm five paces off in the lawn. Oh, there's a pile. So I can decide what I want to do with it at that time. I can either go get a bag and pick it up or remind myself that I need to come back and pick it up. Right? So how can you start to notice your shit coming before it hits you? And then you have so much more opportunity and so many more options for ways to deal with your shit.